Russ Mills – Artist | Hayle


∼ Russ Mills aka Byroglyphics ∼

Hayle, Cornwall

I’ll never forget the day (a good few years ago now), when we walked into our local post office and the regular lady who worked there, smiled broadly, and told Russ he was ‘famous’ in her house. She explained that her teenage daughter had recently shown her some sketches of an outfit she was designing for a school show, inspired by her favourite artist Russ Mills. To which her mum casually answered, “oh yes I know him, he pops in the shop all the time“. Her daughter couldn’t believe it, she had absolutely no idea that he lived in the area; to her he was just an artist whose work she loved.

Russ Mills (aka Byroglyphics) is an internationally recognised artist/illustrator based just outside of Hayle, and yes he’s also my husband. Over the years, he has had numerous sell-out solo gallery shows, and gained a sizeable online following (over 28,000 followers on Facebook) thanks in part to the years he’s dedicated to his own affordable print releases; for which he could certainly be considered a forerunner. In real life Russ is a very reserved person, who shies away from public appearances, and is much more comfortable taking photos down on the beach to being under the spotlight at an exhibition. Even though he’s recently still been creating strong drawings and working steadily as an illustrator, he’s been a bit off the radar since moving to Cornwall when it comes to gallery work, which’s why I’m pleased to announce that he’s back, and will shortly be handing over some brand new paintings to Red Propeller for their group show Borderline starting 3rd November – so watch this space!

• Byroglyphics Website • Instagram  Russ Mills

  All photo credits: R. Mills


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