Sloop Studios | St Ives


∼ Sloop Studios ∼

Back Lane | St Ives

Tucked away in the center of St Ives, the Sloop Studios are a real hidden gem. On a busy summer’s day you may well be swept straight past on a giant wave of tourists, however I promise you it’s worth taking the time to find them. The building is in fact only feet away from the harbour front (Wharf Road) on Back Lane, and even more conveniently there is a short stay car park literally outside the front entrance.

The Sloop Studios are home to a number of wonderfully unique artists workshops, and (as you can see from the photos below) each unit is as creative as their individual owners. Not only is there a whole range of beautiful things to buy, but you also get the chance to see things being made too. What could be more special than choosing a Teddy Pasty straight out of the window from a fresh batch or watching Miss Muju carefully hand-paint a Rainbow Leaf Spirit in the Muju Studio? Below is a list of links to some of the artists and crafts people you’ll be able to find working there.

MujuworldTeddy PastyLauren Sebastian • Samantha Leonard

Tumbisha • Maxine Pharoah • Pick Pretty Paints

• Photo credits (above):
Sloop Studios & Miss T’s Studio – Miss T / Tumbisha
Muju Studio – Muju Studio / D.Ashlin & K.Weselby
Teddy Pasty’s Studio – Teddy Pasty / E.Sephton


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