Anna from Ebb + Flow Cornwall | Interview

∼ An interview with Anna from Ebb + Flow Cornwall ∼

I met Anna from Ebb + Flow Cornwall, when I went to The Old Coastguard Christmas Fayre back at the beginning of November; an event packed full of West Cornwall creatives and artisans all of whom work directly with the hotel. Only the week before I’d actually been given one of their beautiful handmade hammam towels as a birthday present, so I was keen to find out how they sourced them. I spoke with Anna about this and about living and working here in Penwith; I could’ve talked for hours if it wasn’t for all the customers (it’s a popular product!). In fact, I enjoyed our little chat so much that I wanted to set-up an interview to find out a bit more…

Q – Hi Anna, so where do you live in Penwith?

I live in Sennen and my business partner Alice lives in Penzance.

Q – How did you end up living here in Cornwall?

I ended up here through a very random series of events and meetings starting in the Himalayas! I was trekking to Everest Base Camp, when an English guy I’d met told me it was going to be the hottest summer ever in England. I’d planned to go on to New Zealand but decided instead to go home, buy a tent, and spend the summer in Cornwall; my friend and I picked Sennen randomly from a map. We had a fab summer (even though it bloody rained the whole time!) and one night I met my now husband in The Old Success. I’d been travelling in Africa for a while and heard a south African accent, we ended up speaking and the rest is history – eight years, one marriage, a dog and two children later and I’m still here. And my surname became Cornwall…it was all very fatalistic! 

Alice also has a pretty romantic story; her grandmother lived in Cot Valley and her family would come down from Manchester and spend the whole summer here. She met her now husband when she was fifteen down on Porthchapel beach where his family live, and they’ve been together ever since. After living in Manchester for the majority of that time, they decided to move back down here a few years ago to raise their family. 

Q – Where did the story of Ebb + Flow Cornwall begin and what inspired the name?

My partner Alice and I, being mums of young children are always on the lookout for ways to lighten the load, especially when spending time on our lovely Cornish beaches. With a multitude of uses hammam towels are a product that we discovered really fitted with the Cornish outdoor lifestyle; from this starting point Ebb + Flow was born. We chose the name to reflect the coast, the ever changing tidal landscape and the free-spirited way of life in Cornwall. 

Q – How do you go about sourcing them?

We spent some time researching suppliers in Turkey, who produce traditionally loomed hammam towels. We found that the standard really varied and we wanted to make sure we had the best quality available. Eventually we found Rasim, whose towels are brilliant quality, soft and wash very well. We have built up a really good working relationship with him which is invaluable as our business grows. 

Q – I can see from your Instagram page that you are very passionate about West Cornwall. How does the landscape influence you?

We love exploring beautiful Cornwall and our brand ethos is driven by the idea of spirited outdoor living. Cornwall’s landscapes and seascapes are full of colours, which we like to reflect in the colour choices of our towels and products, from vivid turquoise seas to grey winter skies and bright yellow gorse.  

Q – You sell online through your website Ebb + Flow Cornwall, but can we find your towels and ponchos in any outlets?

Yes, our towels retail in some lovely local shops including The Sennen Surf Co., The Old Coastguard and The Sandpiper Gallery in Mousehole, The Gurnards Head in Zennor and the Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens. 

Q – I met you at The Old Coastguard Christmas Fayre, have you any other events coming up?

Yes, we’re going to be at the Giving & Living trade show in Exeter in January (for more information about this event please click HERE). 

Q – Finally, can you describe Penwith (to you personally) in five words?

Rugged. Awe-inspiring. Windy. Awesome. Home.

A few Instagram photos including Anna enjoying a cliff walk with her daughter and Anna with her business partner Alice.

∼ Ebb + Flow Cornwall ∼

Website Instagram

Local outlets

The Sennen Surf Co.The Old Coastguard • The Sandpiper Gallery

The Gurnards Head • Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens

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