Hummadruz | now – 02 June | Newlyn Art Gallery | Newlyn


Newlyn Art Gallery

New Road, Newlyn, TR18 5PZ

T: 01736 363715

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Hummadruz, is an international group show on at Newlyn Art Gallery until 2nd June.

Hummadruz is a collective term for the phenomenon where individuals or groups of people hear a low unexplained ‘humming noise or vibration’ (it can take other forms) which seems to appear then disappear without a probable source – almost as if it comes from the earth itself.

It could be said that the magic of hummadruz is the quiet beating heart of Penwith, with its history stretching back to the Bronze and Iron Age; the landscape so intertwined with thousands of years of myth, legend and the occult. Ask anyone who has been to an ancient local festival (i.e. Golowan) or visited a site of historical and spiritual significance (i.e. Lanyon Quiot) and they will hopefully understand what I am trying to say.

The show, curated by Field Notes, according to the Newlyn Art Gallery website explores “the overarching and infinite rhythms of nature, folklore and the occult and how they have become a lived system embodied by both artists and communities”, with artifacts loaned by The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic and private collections displayed alongside contemporary artworks exploring the theme.

Don’t forget that purchasing a ticket to this show will allow you access to both Newlyn Art Gallery and The Exchange as many times as you like over the next seven days – not only is it amazing value but you’re also helping to support an invaluable local charity.


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On Now

Hummadruz – International Group Show • 03 March – 02 June 2018

Jack Doherty • 03 March – 02 June 2018 | The Picture Room

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